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About the research of the inhaler in system of comfortable sex air conditioning
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About the research of the inhaler in system of comfortable sex air conditioning
Root of constant of anxiety glow Shenyang
(Science of environment of Dong Hua university and. [Cheng institute)
Summary: Air conditioning filter can filter the grain contaminant in atmosphere, improve the indoor air quality that builds an environment. The logical choice of index of the article academic development to the inhaler in system of comfortable sex air conditioning, function and standard, commonly used type and filter undertook introductory.
Keyword: Inhaler of indoor air quality filters efficiency
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As the progress of economic development and society, people pays close attention to his surroundings increasingly. Because indoor environment is exasperate,the morbid state that brings about builds syndrome (SBS, sick Building Syndrome) , make the health of body and mind of people and work efficiency get very big impact, indoor air quality is the main index that measures indoor environment stand or fall, people has begun to realise the value that improves indoor air quality and pressing sex. In the meantime, before easy
Hot wet process of lay particular stress on of design of comfortable sex air conditioning sheds an organization compatibly, clean to air degree of lack is necessary take seriously. Impertinent use filter can be caused to air conditioning system damage, if spirit way jams, fan knot dirties, efficiency of heat exchange component is low, temperature and humidity measure and control component malfunction, complete heat exchanges plant be no longer in force to wait a moment. Reach to indoor personnel, equipment decorate bring a harm, make itself of air conditioning system becomes one of contaminative sources of quality of exasperate and indoor air even. So the filter in reasonable configuration system can improve indoor air quality not only, also can bring long-term economic benefits.
1 fiber filter filters academic research and development
Of the inhaler filter the fiber layer that miscellaneous promiscuity knits inside material is in allow while air current is passed, block dirt. The action of the particle that catch market has intercept effect, inertial effect, diffusion effect, gravitational effect and electrostatic effect to wait. Inside filter of a fiber, particle is arrested the action that market may manage as a result of all machine, also the likelihood because one plant or the action of some a few kinds of mechanism, the condition such as speed of the fill rate that this wants layer of degree of finish of the dimension with atomic basis, density, fiber, fiber, air current decides.
Filter academic especially air filters to consider theoretically to be in early L9 century has begun, filter academic by inchoate classical filter to develop theoretically contemporary filter to reach small hole to filter theoretically academic.
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