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Provide condition of type centrifuge technology
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This standard is pair of ZB J77 008-89 " condition of technology of centrifuge tubal form " with ZB J77 009-89 " method of experiment of centrifuge tubal form " edit, incorporate two standards for a standard. Editor sex was made revise to original standard only when editing, main technique content did not change.
This standard rises from executive day, replace ZBJ77008-89 and ZBJ77009-89.
The appendix A of this standard is standard appendix, the appendix that appendix B and appendix C are clew (slightly) .
This standard fetterses to standardization technology committee puts forward and put in a mouth 's charge by countrywide centrifuge.
This standard is in charge of drafting an unit: Machinery plant of north of river of total plant of machine of distant in relief pharmacy, Chongqing.
This standard basically drafts a person: Yuan Ying, Zhao is sonorous.

Occupation standard of machinery of People's Republic of China
Be in charge of JB/T9098-1999 of condition of type centrifuge technology

1. limits

Method of the technical requirement that this standard set centrifuge tubal form, experiment, examine regular, mark, pack, carry and keep in storage.
The manual cleaning that this standard applies to fluid of clear in suspension, detached emulsion is in charge of type centrifuge (centrifuge of the following abbreviation) .

2. cites standard

The clause that following standard place contains, through citing in this standard compose makes the clause of this standard. When this standard is published, what show version to all be effective. All standards can be revised, use this level each just should be discussed, use following level the possibility of newest version.
GB191-1990 packs lay aside to carry graphic representation indicates
Condition of technology of bearing of scroll of GB/T 307.3 -1996
Welding rod of GB/T5117-1995 carbon steel
Welding rod of GB/T5118-1995 low-alloy steel
Welding rod of GB/T 983-1995 stainless steel
GB1223-1975 does not become rusty liability trial method is corroded between acid-proof steel brilliant
GB/T2100-1980 does not become rusty condition of technology of acid-proof steel cast
GB/T2649-1989 solders law of sampling of experiment of contact machinery function
GB/T2650-1989 solders law of contact concussion trial
GB/T2651-1989 solders law of contact tensile test
GB/T2653-1989 solders contact bends reach squash trial law
Of level of power of sound of noise of GB/T10894-1989 centrifuge instrument determine - engineering law
Vibration of machinery of GB/T10895-1989 centrifugal, centrifuge checks a method
GB/T13306-1991 sign
GB/T13384-1992 mechanical and electrical products packs current technology condition
GB/T11352-1989 average project is used cast carbolic steel
GB/T14408-1993 average project and structure use low alloy cast steel
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