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Musical associate professor sells barbecue to sell millionaire
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■ his activate the dizi special training course with Hubei the earliest province, education went " 12 happy lane " the person of a batch of music such as Liao Bin music.

■ he ever waited for national leader to had performed dizi solo to Mao Zedong, Zhou En, many his work is regarded as teaching material to use, phonic resembling press has issued his CD special.

■ as musical associate professor, for " take off deficient " he ever sold banana in academic entrance, rely on finally in street to sell barbecue, he accumulated home of 1 million bodies.

For Chairman Mao flute

When seeing Li Xieqin's associate professor of 68 years old, he of hair grey is riding big bicycle of a 28 type to come back from outside school. The bicycle stops in the big entrance of Wuhan music institute, there is to installing the potted bottle teacup of plain boiled water in car basket. If it were not for beforehand come to an agreement or understanding feature, let a person really hard believe, at the moment a so simple old person, it is that relies on to sell barbecue scrape up the musical professor of home of 1 million bodies. Li Xieqin is born in county of Guangxi Yu Lin a poverty-stricken farmer family, confuse as a child went up music. 1956, if Li Xieqin wishs the Na Yin in be being taken an examination of only (show Wuhan music institute) .

Enter school hind, li Xieqin division is taught completely from this school Yu and famous dizi performs courtyard of Wuhan song pantomime a Kong Jianhua. Study assiduously through two years, li Xieqin cuts a figure in literary bound, attend Hubei itinerate to coach for many times the show that artistic group attends each district. Many his paper that has important learning value also is in early or late authoritative publication " people music " on publish. 1958 Wuchang session, li Xieqin still should be arranged, wait for national leader to perform dizi solo technically to Mao Zedong, Zhou En " shade in bird " , got lead mix reputably ranking commend.

Found Hubei to save the earliest dizi major

1959, because school teachers is lacked, just read aloud big the Li Xieqin of 3 stays school teach, accessary junior high school reachs responsible education school big all dizi class of 4. In education, he founded Hubei to save the earliest dizi major.

40 one's remaining years come, he was fostered for the country famous flute of article of performance home Dong Ping, Hunan assist chairman Zhu Jie, " 12 happy lane " large quantities of one music talents such as Liao Bin music, created tens of head dizi solo music and many paper, among them many outstanding work is selected collect of pipe music work, be regarded as teaching material to use. The Li Xieqin on the job is plain sailing, however although as college associate professor, go up in the life he however still very embarrassed. 1987, his monthly wages has 80 only multivariate money, young son reads high school, the eldest son is faced with marry, the day of the family gets have too many problems to deal with too.
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