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Sweethearts does poineering work: Shuang Jian joins mural the world inapproacha
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Person of new student of a pair of 80 time -- , Chen Zhaofeng, Mai Lijun, below the circumstance of leap of pressure of social obtain employment, chose oneself to do poineering work. In resembling knight-errant novel " double sword match well " , become finally fair the young person with bright famous town does poineering work take file.

Chen Zhaofeng and Mai Lijun warn the investor that should enter catering trade: Par course consummate, innovation is never-ending, be apt to uses ad, want to make a guest true feel content is worth somewhat.

Two days take next shop

After junior high school graduates, wheat Li Junyuan goes to Hubei to read nurse major, chen Zhaofeng stays in Guangzhou to read a technical secondary school. 1999, mai Lijun defends school graduate, become fair a nurse of bright town. Chen Zhaofeng still is reading, but young heart already was worn by love agitate, often begin plan tomorrow uncontrollably.

On December 27, 1999, have 3 days only from new chiliad, chen Zhaofeng still has 3 months to graduate, mai Lijun begins to plan " popular lane " thing. She is in fair bright town choose a berth. Return the Chen Zhaofeng that reads in the school, use one's spare time and Mai Lijun prepare matters concerned of set up shop together.

Practice before today, chen Zhaofeng went to Guangzhou Beijing first road, the hope finds the edificatory that a few pairs of shop decorate. Take together with Mai Lijun early in the morning the following day, look for a person to decorate afternoon. Those a few days, resemble a decisive battle really, mai Lijun goes replenish onr's stock of peace and tranquility, chen Zhaofeng stays behind tool of base camp superintend and director repairs storefront. Day and night, two people double eye is boiled aglowly, when the bell noise of new century rises, they cheer caper rises -- , " popular lane " opened the door.

Through Chen Zhaofeng the fashionable dress inn of elaborate design is in fair bright street makes a person shine at the moment, mai Lijun disregards family object, resign nurse one duty, the ground devotes into systemic heart to come in do poineering work.

Hunger gives business chance

A day, chen Zhaofeng and friend handle affairs to the urban district, when abdomen hunger gets cluck cluck to cry, they entered store of a snack. Attentive Chen Zhaofeng was attracted by the management mode of snack inn. He is thinking over, in fair bright town opens a such snack store, even if " repeat what the book says " , can grab " head eat soup " .

At that time, manage popular lane of a year to face enormous competition pressure, profit becomes more and more protect Chen Zhaofeng to graduate, mai Lijun covers popular lane decisively now, gain profit 80 thousand yuan, immediately and Chen Zhaofeng march catering trade.

2001 during the Spring Festival, they had selected shop site, chen Zhaofeng uses his strong point, overall design undertook to dining-room during the Spring Festival. Do card to purchase, the card that make food, invite applications for a job... everything is first time, without experience, they gnash one's teeth is held out. Through 50 days struggle, "Inn of snack of gentleman good city " at in those days on March 24 practice.
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