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Little girl is accumulated 3 of 1 million asset years history
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You had heard clothing store boss is being hit certainly fold season to go to Hong Kong " wash money " , collect lover to clean out treasure in ridicule of secondhand goods city " , but Yang Lin of Central Plains girl is in Guangzhou achieve rich experience to let National People's Congress open horizon however -- go technically in the auction " clean out a room " , and earn in brief time left 1 million capital fund.

Accident discovery " gold eye "

I call Yang Lin, this year 26 years old. From Zhengzhou an architectural school graduated 1998, because cannot find the job, leave comfort east native place comes to Guangzhou, young lady of carry out building is become in company of a large house property.

As experience of carry out building accumulate, the communication ability of I and client also rises with each passing day, after half an year, the house that I sell every months is in 10 above. Because outstanding achievement is good, I gave a name gradually in the company.

Once, the company sells a director to let me look for a strong building that tear open change " potential customer " , because take the hundred thousands of allowance tearing open change of national subsidy,say this person, the possibility that buys a house is very large. However, when I go visitting, this person said to had seen the room of a company however. I disappointed ask: "You that room how many money? " the client says: "Every square metre 4700 yuan. " the experience with me, wherefrom covers the element such as a sector of an area with located house, property to look, do not be worth so much money, then my brainwave easily: "I can take the place of you go talking about price with this company, save money to you. It is a foundation with 4700 yuan, save the money below, you divide 1/3 to serve as my commission, how? " the client is willing of course. I clinch a deal with 4300 yuan finally, saved for him 40 thousand multivariate. Although get 10 thousand yuan of middleman's fee only finally, let me discover way of a new money however -- do " house property guides buy " .

After this, I am flat abdication, be in everyday each buildings dish the selling office saunters, knew the person that wants to buy a house more very much. I am taking a power of attorney, negotiate with house property company on behalf of these clients. Original oneself with respect to enunciation bright, and there are ten houses in the hand buy intention, the accrue of weight used on a balance of the negotiation is very much. Buy the house finally hand, often compare market value low 15% the left and right sides.

Find oneself profit pattern

To April 2001, there had been 180 thousand yuan deposit in my hand. A day, a friend that works in branch of Guangzhou city politics and law tells me, a batch of business stores that are implemented compulsively by the court and housing want vendue, the price compares the petty gain on the market absolutely, if I am interested,can look in the past.
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