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40 thousand " cry " urge a tear to also make money
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Saying path: Feeling, normal human feelings. The person is born in his tear, disappear in the tear of others. Even if is the person with doughty case of one individual character, also hard to avoid can have weep bitterly or the accession below dim tear. Crying is the person's nature, need not learn, everybody is met, excrete same instinct like heart throb, kidney, initiative like groan, sneeze. But, as a result of certain and exterior condition manacle, cry bitterly also became an extravagant issue, because of neither one proper place can let tear " park " , let anguish release, also do not have right person to be able to pour out, can lean.
Then, tear also begins business chance of be pregnant with. "Cry " , the affection of a drain letting a person, place that pours out difficulties that one is reluctant to mention, a certain corner that begins to be in Shanghai is being done another the business.
Market demand is born " cry "
Liu Lin is graceful it is Shanghai " cry " " advocate " , though her this " cry " open business to have two many months only, but pursue the trade related to this, she already had time of nearly 3 years. Speak of to think of to want " cry " , also with her once experience does not have nothing to do is. Original, managing " cry " before, liu Lin is graceful in Shanghai one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household treats kind of media to hold the position of advisory adviser, the name is " marriage love prescription " the column is the one party position that she discharges care to dispel misgivings for other. In that paragraph of by a definite date in two years of time of half, through hot line, epistolary wait for a series of methods, get the more than 1000 people of graceful help of Liu beautiful jade.
"Between the job, I discover need pours out, the person that need has psychology seeks advice is absent a few, and I had accumulated certain experience between long practice, formed oneself coach distinctly the mode of others. And the person that accepts my psychology to coach companion has tear great majority. Since such, why don't I myself do poineering work, open ' cry ' . " Liu Lin is graceful so narrate is worn the origin that starts idea of course of study at the outset, "After having such idea, I find the teacher such as the Zhang Zhenyu of Shanghai psychology association to undertake advisory with respect to feasibility. They think, cry insoluble problem, but cry to be solved what conduce to a problem at all in what psychological guidance falls. The affirmation of teachers was to invigorate my open more ' cry ' confidence. The affirmation of teachers was to invigorate my open more ' cry ' confidence..
For distinction at Nanjing " cry " , more the atmosphere that for come out a few Bei sorrowful, liu Lin is graceful oneself " cry " musical alphabet extraction come to an agreement is " cruel " . Be in " cruel " on the table, putting shop signs of such a marked price: Affection drain is horary 100 yuan. Drain of so called affection cries namely. Liu Lin is graceful tell oneself, drain of generally speaking affection needs to undertake psychology seeks advice mostly coach, the price is 100 yuan horary, time arrives 2 hours in 1 hour about. That is to say, want to cry racily, collect fees 400 yuan arrive in 200 yuan.
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