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The golden drop that 0 cost do poineering work!
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Trade as business affairs of the closest electron the escalate of the quantity, the express need that has certain amount everyday almost sends the whole nation each district, abrupt brain easily, right! It is too difficult to see the netizen says to do not have money to do poineering work now all the day, is this the profession that another best low cost does poineering work?

I although the understanding that to express this group course of study has had no development, but I think this very the doorsill of cause elementary course should not very tall, apply for a company to hang a card namely at most! Hire an office spot again, buy some of necessary office articles for use, with the whole nation other express company connection rise, ask a few people, the living cost with have fixed can let you live the time of a month, can do business very not quickly!

If you connect this condition to also be not had, also need not fear, I will be analysed still can approach the way that does not have this doing poineering work almost more

1.If you are hired,do not have the office, use an office first.
2.If do not have a person please, did not concern, close the poineering friend that is the same as a city, be done together, become again employee, become a boss again, bad! Be afraid that the friend that bear hardships must not enter this nevertheless, this can not be come gently again all right again the profession of money!
How doesn't 3. have money to do not have a law to register a company to do? Hey! Not urgent, should register a company to also never mind only in the whole nation, want to applied for a company to go in the whole nation's main city only, the chapter does not make the each district agency that other area leads a head office to be sent at a draught calm, rise alliance of countrywide each district, the whole nation has 36 provinces, every province has several city, every city arrives name of little need 5-6 staff member, be to you can come true are hundreds of people close to 0 cost to do poineering work at the same time? !
4. as to maintenance? Should look only special a few bottles of rice still are had inside the rice bucket in, otherwise food grains other than wheat and rice also goes, a month is less than to have income after start working, what are you still afraid of?

This industry is a good line of business really for the person that I feel to do poineering work to working, want to dare bear hardships only, develop slowly rise should not have too big problem, and the client is stabler also, how can the connoisseur that does not know this industry look, hope authority is great discuss, (My QQ:305535400) follows stick look, go looking for others to form an alliance everywhere why, the netizen comprises express alliance to go independently! With stick have a try, the attention is written on the city that oneself are in oh, the best reply that is the same as a city is in, perhaps had not talked talk, a new group holds water! !
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