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Small originality also can extend big market
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A window that the hotel faces a guest is between elevator, more and more hotels can take elevator seriously between decorate, leave deep impression for the sake of giving a customer. The old public house that Guangzhou has decorated not less afresh put aroma between elevator the renown picture that the flower of 4 excessive, your person can'ts help stopping a pace or delicate sculpture, with please client. However, hotel of Shanghai Pudong holiday was put between elevator however one Pan Gong attacks the apple that attack, make a guest free when waiting for elevator sample, this alters smally, let many guests feel warm.

Go out outer, business affairs personage is very sensitive to weather, visit always should be made before going out be gone to urban weather. Beijing Beijing human relations restaurant uses weather forecast old write an essay. They made a cabinet paper make handicraft in every room, this kind of handicraft is a small rotary table actually, mark is worn above the weather situation that day and temperature, when business affairs personage is entered, with respect to meeting discovery this is put before ark of the head of a bed " gadgety " , good impression comes however oneself. This kind of small originality buys " public praise " , often can return a value than sending a guest 50 yuan meal coupon.

In the thinking of people, apple, watermelon is round, however, shandong Linyi cheats shade county farmer, with quarter have " congratulation " the quadrate bottle that waits for model of written characters, breed without apple of square of social effects of pollution. Current, this kind of apple can sell one dollar on the international market. Abroad still developed quadrate watermelon, not easy scroll, occupy a space small, carry, store, assemble and unassemble convenient, attracted customer with novelty distinctly with its. This gives us with enlightenment: Traditional fruit is not to do not have the market, the key is to should think, sell roundly do not move, square market is big.

The brocade white handkerchief that Shanghai has factory of a handkerchief to produce sells suffocate suffocate, handkerchief keep long in stock 200 thousand. According to habitual thinking, the handkerchief is used namely brush a hand, wipe sweat. But the salesperson changed way of a kind of thinking, handkerchief besides practical function, should still beautification decorates a function, and there is factory of a handkerchief on the market have fixed position with beautification function. They undertake machining afresh to 200 thousand handkerchieves of inventory, above imprint on design, deserve to go up manual, new throw on the market, result ovation, this batch of slow-moving handkerchieves were become popular goods makes work and empty.

Originality itself is not commodity, produced the social value that commodity itself place does not have however however. The market nowadays competes, it is the competition on culture administrative levels, it is the ruse competition between operator, and " originality product " the inevitable result that is this kind of competition. Henceforth, should do production having sth new, those who make people sufficient enjoy individuation to consume is cheerful, often follow at the back of others to jeer, be not eventually long plan, still must rely on distinctive originality to prop up appearance. But inspiration is not the pasty that the sky falls down, be good at observe and be being consulted, ability can discover somewhat. Allegedly Japan has a company, formulate " buy originality to the madam " plan, employ person development streets and lanes technically, listen to wholeheartedly housewife the opinion to the product, idea, even complaint and complain, from which assemble Lin Lin always total sale ruse, abstract the business idea of invaluable, result benefit bandit is shallow. Consequently, to the consumer beside active ask for advice, close in the exhaust one's brains in Xiaolou compared with a few stylist, or it is to send out a few pieces of opinion consult that do not have expression are odd, look want benefit from much.
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