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Do poineering work to do moneybags before 29 years old
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A kind of popular view, namely 29 years old before, belong to " of green " expiration period, after 29 years old, with respect to Time Out (expire) , so called 29 years old of phenomena. Accordingly, if want to be broken through somewhat in green years, achieve go out to turn over a career, drive in green " to expire with respect to appropriate before " . Zhang Ailing says: "Become famous should before it is too late. "Become rich Yi Ran. Whether do you want to become moneybags before 29 years old, ask those who see a few young millionaire to do poineering work true classics!

The first quality of the person that do poineering work is commercial ability

Halali, 27 years old; Waladi, 29 years old; Rabbi, 28 years old. The author of company of toy of Canadian Toronto Spin Master. This company founds 1994, sale was 2 million dollar 1998, sale already amounted to 4.2 million dollar 1999.

1991, this pair of lovers are in Halali and rabbi rude university reads Xi'an painterly art, be enmeshed in the artistic inspiration of poster. One day, rabbi is broken out envisage, so elegant work of art, why to take out the picture sell fund? Two people chime in easily. Did not think of a piece of poster sold 5 dollars unexpectedly! 5 dollars are not much, but the meaning is of great importance. From sell a poster of the first campus to begin, they believe firmly, only alternative of future does a person that do poineering work namely, because they found successful sense from inside trade, discovered oneself are divided outside having technical capacity, still have extraordinary commercial capacity! And these are the quality with a necessary person that do poineering work, especially commercial ability is the first quality with the necessary person that do poineering work more. We make the much younger person that do poineering work, often easy forgot this, think in technical respect preeminent, in trade also can unplug a gathering of things or people, and unwary of commercial ability breed and disentomb. The person that a lot of doing poineering work is having keenly felt pain on this.

Accordingly, the person that do poineering work from live pettily detail, those who understand oneself go qualitative, him establish poineering direction, it is crucial one step. Of course, have a technology and never mind without management brains, the person that you still can have this respect talent please joins in the CEO that does you! Although Halali and rabbi have commercial head, but still do not forget to invite more outstanding person to join in.

1994, after Halali and rabbi graduate, with the 10 thousand dollar that sells poster place to earn investment made a kind call " earth associate the vitreous tire of " , the sale of a month amounts to 1 million dollar. Later, they knew the Waladi that learns international trade. Of Waladi join in make again their with might doubled, innovate ceaselessly on the technology, extend ceaselessly on business, the business is very prosperous. Rabbi recollects: "Before one year when doing poineering work half in, I want the business that do to hold to namely, and a large number of demand of contented arise suddenly. "After the success of " of associate of afterwards " earth, additionally two kinds of products that they design - toy of water of balata of one demon rod also ovation, and the plane of pneumatics power toy that produced 1998 is fashionable more Euramerican.
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