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Make money I give birth to everything what hit the target
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Rely on 3000 yuan of loan to build a giant gem kingdom to invest landed failure " 3 3 fall " go bankrupt for a time Xie Ruilin: Make money even if give birth to everything what hit the target.

Founded single-handed " Xie Ruilin " the Xie Ruilin that gem kingdom, brand shop opens southeast Asia, Hong Kong, inland is read-only cross elementary school two years, try hard to build up from nothing by oneself, begin from 3000 yuan of loan, the home that have a body takes when summit summit 2 billion.

Xie Ruilin of 68 years old, lifetime it may be said rises to fall greatly greatly. After going bankrupt formally 2000, also be a few degrees of twists and turns. A little while " rise again " , pass again a little while " by arrest " news.

Hardship does poineering work
Xie Ruilin of 68 years old is born in Guangdong Nanhai this year, lifted an emigrant Hong Kong 1945, be in all the time the most impoverished frame house area " cliff of Olympic Games tiger " the life, because family circumstances poor is read-only,not be forced to him of two years of elementary school discontinue one's studying. Heel follows father to make a living in order to collect waste product, should have man of small evil bribe " . , parents draws near to let him have one ability personally, the golden shop that sends a relatives and friends to leave him is become apprentice, after making golden apprentice career through 5 years, xie Ruilin feels not enough, then he is determined to learn Western-style gem to set again make, around learns art 10 years, get close to used up suffering. Xie Ruilin says, the biggest at that time solace saves next little pocket money hard namely, arrive next playgoing of great bright theater.

, xie Ruilin gets the appreciation of a boss, lend him 3000 yuan, type began him do poineering work " the brigade of gold " . "I do not have money to ask a master worker in those days, received only prentice, I and he is inside the room that is not worth 100 square foot, daily immerse oneself in hardworking amount to 16 hours. " the life of old be industrious and frugal, and ceaseless on products plan innovation, the business begins to promote apophysis to come with each passing day. 1971, workshop of Xie Ruilin that make gold is registered formally after managing 12 years, name with oneself name, limited company of jewelry of Lin thanking luck holds water at this point. 1987, gem of Lin thanking luck is more place is handed in to appear on the market in couplet. After having more powerful capital source, the dimensions of the company already reached employee when 1991 1100 people, and product more cent sells China, United States, Singapore and Thailand and other places.

"When not I grant "

When the dimensions when the company is on the right path, scope of business to expand ceaselessly stage by stage, of one mind of Lin thanking luck wants to cross a jewelry industry, to profit tremendous real estate marchs. 1981 and when 1982, xie Ruilin earns the capital old hand that come to buy business shop and property with jewelry business. Right now, hong Kong meets the confidence disturbance that Sino-British negotiation causes however, landed price falls greatly immediately, xie Ruilin Sha feather and return.
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