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Poineering analysis: Paper art small shop invests beforehand case
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Want to look for accurate market demand only, small also can be made exceedingly meaning. Guangzhou some paper art management inn is certain the recreational demand of modern, with tens of thousands of yuan of build up, development should search the person that join in to now in order to enlarge market share. The business of inn of this paper art includes to make paper flower, Holand stereo and umbriferous picture, Taiwan is stereo paper folding of door of auspicious of paper carve, Spain handkerchief, Japan and Taiwan paper cane are beautiful art etc, raw material is relatively simple.

   Management means Paper art lane is made with the member for main business form, namely the member makes paper art in the study inside inn, in inn provide raw material freely. The member price that Chan Duo spends differs to 9 yuan from 6 yuan, also the formula series that know exactly about sth plants a flower to combine, if learn 6 kinds of beautiful prices to be 118 yuan, 11 kinds of flowers are 198 yuan. Handicraft of other and phyletic paper uses student to make likewise offer a form with finished product.

Investment redound  

Of paper art lane join in cost is 8000 yuan, first payment for goods 12 thousand yuan, calculate hire of upper berth face to wait for incidental expenses, less than 30 thousand can open business become a boss, management in order person half an year can call in cost and gain. The person that join in can acquire long-term paper art instructor, set up shop grooms, information of commercial data, market. Kinds or types of goods is unified deserve to send, freight is assumed by the person that join in, the company is in charge of integral figure market publicizing.

Normally the storefront of 15 square metre can satisfy business requirement basically, need to deploy 2 counterjumper inside inn, be in charge of sale and education respectively. If every months of water and electricity is artificial,control is controlled in 2000 yuan, add shop hire 3000 yuan, every months of turnover achieves 10 thousand yuan, half an year can be answered this and gain.

   Investment budget1. Join in expend 8000 yuan

2. First payment for goods 12000 yuan

3. Shop hire (15 square metre can) about 3000 yuan

4. Because need to offer a desk and chair to make paper art to student learning, need to purchase 1 piece of long tables and at least 6 pieces of chairs so, add up to about 500 yuan 5. Put the shopwindow that paper art tastes, wood wearing, value makes an appointment with 2000 yuan.

Add up to: 25500 yuan

  Market potentialLearn paper art to serve as a kind of recreational means, get young white-collar favour quite, and capability of consumption of this part crowd is higher, complete but burden this expenditure. At present Guangzhou this one domain still puts a large number of blank, because this has vaster development space.

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