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Cast steel of Dalian China acute lands Shenzhen medium and small businesses suc
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On January 16, in Shenzhen stock exchange, ring as the gong of high and level tone that Dalian company appeared on the market in domestic capital market 2008 -- , stock of Inc. of cast steel of Dalian China acute regards home as to cast industry the first, be in Shenzhen successfully medium and small businesses board appear on the market, indicate the equipment manufacturing industry of a Dalian has begun what succeed from product market to enter capital market.

In last few years, the front of manufacturing industry of our country equipment that with northeast area major equipment industry is a delegate is being faced new round rise abruptly. But the development that the issue with the hot-working ability inadequacy that is a delegate with large casting forge, not high level is restricting manufacturing industry of our country major equipment badly, the large casting forging of a lot of and major equipment must count an import for a long time. Accordingly a few years ago, the core subsidiary that Dalian is versed in the group is weighed since • again -- , the enlarge of Inc. of Hua Rui cast steel allows a project to be labelled the country is right the supportive project of national debt of technical reformation of base of northeast old industry. China acute cast steel does not have disappoint people's expectations, through effort of a few years, this company makes finished product from single semifinished product, from attach most importance to machine industry form a complete set to arrive to generate electricity, the industrial form a complete set such as shipbuilding, from make product of low additional cost add content, high to production hi-tech value product, arrive from home market international market, at present Inc. of China acute cast steel grows quickly already the supplier of cast of high end of igneous phone equipment with be the whole world main, the supplier of marine and large cast of 90% above of domestic exceeds with 1 million kilowatt exceed critical aircrew to produce business solely with large cylinder home, hydraulic turbine of first 700 thousand kilowatt supplier of equipment of a complete set of of the coronal on the group, runner band, lamina. "Go after outstanding, world the first " the target makes this company does business profit of income, net with year all the growth range of two digit, become our country and even world's top-ranking cast steel company, those who be cast of key of our country major equipment is homebred change made significant contribution.

Authoritative personage says to the reporter inside a course of study, casting an industry is a high cost can, the industry of high cost material, small gain, china acute cast steel enters capital market successfully from product market, this is one spans, after the product that shows this company gets the market is approbated, won the social credit to company profit ability again, this is the glamour of a product not just, however the synthesis of contemporary company system shows.
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