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Boreal boat is versed in order ranks world shipbuilding again 50 strong
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Although shipping of the North sea is versed in large dock still wants limited company again,be in 2009 first half of the year complete, but their shipbuilding order already was discharged 2011. Depend on 100 million yuan about a hundred order, boreal boat heavy industry is current already world of business of leap forward shipbuilding 50 strong.

Current, boreal boat is versed in oil of the sea in be builds 30 thousand tons of the Asia's biggest conduit wearing to enter the water again barge, predict to built Feburary this year. Limited company signed group of model of stage of Heibei ocean carriage Inc. , Taiwan and Wu of Hong Kong Ming Hua boat respectively of steamer of 17 180 thousand tons of bulk make a contract, first boat will this year first quarter start working, to full 2011 pay. The plan arrives 2010, boreal boat weighs ability of shipbuilding of year after year of labour general body 2 million tons, shipbuilding crop 1 million tons productivity.

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