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Technology of auspicious car patent applies for to amount to 417
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Up to by 2007, auspicious car accumulative total has patent technology (include to invent patent, practical and new-style patent and exterior to design patent) 417, grow 45.3% compared to the same period.

Among them, the dynamoelectric steering gear that help strength obtained EPS 3 an invention patent, practical and new-style patent; Automatic transmission achieves Z series 5 inventions patent and 5 practical and new-style patent; CVVT-JL4G18 engine wins an invention patent, a practical and new-style patent, be by appraisal " the world advanced, China is banner " .

In addition, in addition, auspicious already started BMBS tire to blow up the international patent of the great and patent technology such as the balance such as safe technology, electron applies for the job.

It is reported, auspicious the effort that in the breakthrough depend on on patent technology its foster employee patent consciousness. According to statistic, 2007, auspicious receive employee rationalize proposal 21811, among them 8000 are obtained adopt, creation economy value is close 90 million yuan of RMBs.

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