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The group that breath out a quantity changes to make and buy recombining enligh
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Enlightenment one: The leader's action

Have a good leading group and leader, do not follow suit, not implicit, everything from set out actually, it is to do well state-owend enterprise reform alters the premise that make and basis. The controller of the group that breath out a quantity realises, should do the business do by force big, must take the way that collectivize company makes. They absorb certain state-owend enterprise " remove change make " teach a lesson with the experience that carries out MBO, according to the enterprise actual, chose finally " state-owned accuse, staff share " mode, make piece accord with an enterprise actual overall change make beforehand case.

Change the practice that restrict to look from the group that breath out a quantity, an enterprise wants to develop, want to have a specific target above all, the target is ambiguous, lose way easily. Want to have good product next. The 3rd have to be brave in to develop even, the leading group that respects property conscientiously and an excellent employee rank, the concept with joint pursuit and wish scene, to come true " development company, rich employee " target and hard.

Enlightenment 2: State-owend enterprise not only can " sell " and can " buy "

Before some year, the group that breath out a quantity faces occurrence capital attraction upsurge and look for the investor that comes to ask to cooperate actively to had undertaken consider and be osculatoried. Almost all the connoisseur in the industry of measure of investor neither industry that comes round to negotiate, also be not joint-stock collaboration to expand a business, what they take a fancy to is the land that the group that breath out a quantity owns. Wei Hualiang says, breathing out a quantity a few years to come is the arms of the person at the head of a procession inside the industry, have a brand, have the capacity of technical research and development with have the market, certain, best to haing quantity outlet is to seek international cooperation actively, seek an international market for this locality product " give big talk " .

2004 the end of the year, the group that breath out a quantity gets an information: Industry of world industry measure is famous enterprise -- , Germany triumphant lion (KELcH) the company is entered go bankrupt protective program, the person that buy is being sought inside alive bound limits. After at once group group makes an on-the-spot investigation to its, they think, triumphant lion has a technology to be on world banner level, just of its dominant product accords with haing quantity to develop way, can promote congener product upgrade replacement. For this, they resolutely the decision that make and buys triumphant lion. Nowadays, the internationalization of the resource conformity that with a ha measured a group to complete pair of triumphant lion companies and company of the mother's body and product is transformed, upgrade, own innovation ability promotes the business significantly. Meanwhile, they return finance " bale counter-purchase " debt of company of bank and financial property more than yuan 28000, better land unlock debt catenary and get through be in harmony raises fund channel.
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