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Fierce steel group invests 400 million undertake sewage disposal recycle
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By French heart benefit full company and company of Wuhan city environmental protection are combined bear the lake of fierce steel north that build discharges an useless water treatment to use a project 16 days investment is used, this purpose is carried out will solve Wu Gang industrial waste water to give periphery thoroughly laky brought environmental influence, reduce Wu Gang considerably a ton of new water that steel place wastes measures every smelt.

Lake of fierce steel north discharges an useless water treatment to use a project to cover an area of nearly 60 thousand square metre, design day handles ability 192 thousand tons, project static state invests 170 million multivariate RMB, the liquid waste with trade processing the biggest capability handles the iron and steel inside dependency to use a project, its handled craft to use the most advanced industrial waste water on international to handle a technology.

According to introducing, after do as one pleases of Jing Mingqu of sewage of fierce steelworks area discharges an useless water treatment to stand to boreal lake, will enter mechanical grille to bar above all corrupt device, enter pool of preliminary adjustments section through promotion next, via adding medical garrulous to coagulate reaction hind enters high density sedimentation basin to undertake fluid departs originallying, reentrance V filter filters to be cast at the same time add disinfection of natrium of second chloric acid, pump of classics of clear water pool is entered to send toward Wu Gang to purify conduit net after achieving production to allow with water gauge.

Meanwhile, deng Qi forest is in general manager of fierce steel group now processing of liquid waste of mouth of boreal lake platoon uses a project to throw use ceremonially to announce: Will invest 200 million multivariate RMB, the industrial port that builds day to handle ability to amount to 240 thousand tons discharges an useless water treatment to use a project, bottom of predicting next year builds go into operation, solve the environment that Wu Gang industrial waste water brings to the Yangtse River to affect thoroughly at the appointed time.

As we have learned, regard the pollution of Wuhan city as large family, wu Gang is brave in to assume enterprise society responsibility in recent years, expanding circular economy energetically while, increase environmental protection investment. 2007, new water of bad news of place of every tons of steel measures this group smelt fall reach 4.91 tons, ton discharge capacity of discharge capacity of steel smoke pink, 2 oxidation sulfur, solid litter discharge capacity is 0.94 kilograms respectively, 2.31 kilograms with.039 kilogram, dropped than 2006 respectively 7.8% , 11.8% with 7.1% , factor of pollution of green hill cadre discharges percent of pass integratedly for 98.5% , multinomial index is close to or achieve home to travel together banner level.

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