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Letter serious chance develops equipment of 3 macrocosm class metallurgy in
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Up to on January 6, letter serious chance is Jiangsu in the 3 macrocosm class metallurgy that company of sincere heart steel tube develops equip -- , JGL-920 800 make friends of group, 覫 provide 10 roller straightening machine 600 card punch of aircrew and 覫 group, finish put in storage in the round, the part shifts to an earlier date already put into production.   

Equipment of this 3 macrocosm class metallurgy design start not only tall, innovation is nodded much and also created a record with the communication frequency of the user, satisfied the requirement of the user adequately, got user reputably. Among them, type of gear of 10 roller straightening machine moves JGL-920 device of roller of centering of 600 card punch mixes horny device, 覫 ejector pin rotates beforehand device becomes a design the largest window and innovation dot.   

To equip 3 big metallurgy true make it has the high-quality goods of world-class level and mark sex project, project group asks every member wants to be in derive before experience of congener product success while active breakthrough innovates. Design personnel is bold introduce new measure, the large analysis such as Inventor, Ansys software uses successfully in designing a process.

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