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Ohmic dragon is automatic and optical detect equipment installs a success when
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The limited company when producing Kang Tai of automation system expert is mixed in England respectively recently base of 9 of Ireland different clients, installed 15 ohmic dragon automatic and optical testing system. The sort of these machines enclothes large and online VT- RNS to arrive system of small-sized table VT-RNS-ptH. The client when Kang Tai includes: Limited company of limited company of Building Block Video, Prima Electronic Services, RFTRAQ limited company, Hosiden Besson limited company and Deep Sea Electronics appear on the market company.

All users hope to raise the quality of its optics testing system and dependability. New-style and ohmic dragon is automatic and optical detector but timely aid you to develop new program. Current, a few manufacturer are using the error in ohmic dragon system will identify and correcting products plan.

There are one of clients when Kang Tai -- Building Block Video (BBV) the person be benefited that limited company is these application. The company already bought system of one table VT-RNS-ptH now, detect in order to come true the automation of craft.

Craft of BBV limited company serves manager Trevor Malton to comment on: "We had bought all sorts of different machines from Kang Tai, discover they are very useful, and the service when Kang Tai is very perfect also. Accordingly, when our hope conformity of will automatic optical detector comes when craft is medium, when thinking of Kang Tai naturally. When thinking of Kang Tai naturally..

"Before, we fall to undertake detecting to all sorts of products in tall enlarge fold normally, but face countless board when, hard to avoid feels dazzling, can produce mistake sometimes. Can produce mistake sometimes..

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