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8 years sale points to bearing of scroll of static sound of NSK new fund contin
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Be versed in according to Japanese essence the website reports, NSK takes the lead in giving out the electric machinery that uses inside car vehicle to use bearing of quiet tone scroll.

Be updated ceaselessly as what establishment equips inside car vehicle and rise, market client changes a requirement to the Jing Yin of the air conditioning inside the car taller and taller also. Be in usually, the bearing that the electric machinery place that the car holds unit sending wind uses is sliding bearing, but to achieve quiet tone result, scroll bearing will replace sliding bearing. NSK used the Jing Yin that develops place of electric machinery bearing to use before this to change a technology alive not only, and the production technology that new development gave to raise clean to be spent completely, the quiet tone effect that makes the car carries electric machinery of device sending wind to use bearing thereby got bigger rise. Can say content of science and technology is very high.

The form of this product is very new, the maintenance of bearing implement appearance is the form that new development gives, because make maintain implement movement was achieved the most appropriate change, prevented to maintain below microtherm circumstance thereby implement the noise that produces. In the meantime, the lubricity of the interface of sealing ring also got rising, prevented then fricative. The dirt of the infinitesimal that developed those who raise clean to be spent completely to make a technology have to control the area in bearing, NSK development went to carry what spend completely nobly to make a technology, the circumstance that makes cause noise as a result of dirt is almost 0.

NSK the sale target of this kind of bearing is 2008 the sale of whole world market is 1.5 billion yen. The success of this research and development of NSK bearing, reach the investment of the market, predict to will drive development of bearing industry whole.

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