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Daoyici is about to break situation of homebred engine passivity
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In recent years, form a complete set also is sufferred while manufacturer of production of machine of our country project is enjoying perch of project machine market to run brought benefit restricted suffering, the Daoyici of emerge as the times require one steam (Dalian) diesel engine limited company (abbreviation big bavin) dissolving this one difficult problem with its character and effort.

As one steam group investment of technology of 3 big core develops one of strategies, german path depends on Ci engine introduce an item, be in early 2003, with respect to the one steam that just is established emancipatory car limited company decides settle liberates branch of company big bavin in one steam. And make research and development of domestic world-class dynamic and manufacturing base, it is former the original intention that one steam big bavin introduces German path to depend on Ci technology, just be Daoyici one steam (Dalian) a piece of market of machine of project of push forward of product of diesel engine limited company " ace " . 100 old before, german path relies on name of product of machine of project of form a complete set namely according to Ci company, 20 old before, it also is with project machine the product is breach, opened the entrance door of Chinese market.   

To satisfy home market requirement, big bavin had specific aim ground to introduce German path to depend on Ci project mechanical diesel engine 9 type, its power enclothes 90 horsepower to come 280 horsepower, discharge reach level of TIRE2, TIRE3. These products all depend on Ci company synchronism to produce with German path, pass the test and verify of 1 million users. In the meantime, big bavin returned complete set to introduce German path to depend on the engineering technology of Ci company, and the lid of cylinder body, crock, camshaft, crucial equipment that detect and assembles 5 product line to go up. Systematic foundation manages to go up in original ISO/TS16949 quality, the mass that big bavin absorbed German path to mature according to Ci company controls method and quality control standard, of company of MARPOSS of the cutting tool monitoring plus German SIEMENS company, Italy online detect and of Swedish ABB company defend accident technology, make the product production of oneself lies under strict and complete quality hierarchy of control.

Daoyici one steam (Dalian) diesel engine limited company from built beginning to put forward with " the service of world-class " build " the motivation of world-class " catchword, begin to took the lead in debutting in course of study of domestic person of the same trade from 2000 " hot line of 24 hours of 800 free service " up to now, a few years short time, the servive routine of big bavin came true from " domestic feeling serves " to " the brand serves " , arrive again " the service of world-class " hop, become finally " 36024 nowhere are absent, when notting have, be absent " brand of completely spatio-temporal service.   
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