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Wrap steel sheet factory to develop a car to use steel new breed
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The reporter learns from Bao Gang: Bao Gang and limited company of wheel of east wind car reached batch of steel of hot-rolling double photograph to offer goods intent. The car component such as crossbeam of the car that make, spoke, the mark is worn Bao Gang uses CSP product line to produce hot-rolling Shuang Xianggang to score a success, initiated world CSP to produce the beginning that Shuang Xianggang of low cost, environmental protection hot-rolling takes.

Shape the high strength that steel of hot-rolling double photograph has material of other light metal to cannot be likened to, high function and low cost advantage, get international iron and steel and attention of automobile manufacturing industry fully. As a result of craft on the high side of complex, cost is mixed performance is poorer, the our country before this did not form big batch industry to produce.

To dig the latent capacity that CSP breed develops, steel sheet factory is wrapped to tackle key problem through the technology 3 years ago, research and development gives engineering technology of metal strip of double photograph of hot-rolling of rolling of CSP of one a complete set of, develop a ply in succession 4 millimeter come 11 millimeter, intensity 540, metal strip of double photograph of 590MPa class hot-rolling. Subsequently, bao Gang and factory of wheel of east wind company reached agreement of product try out. Try out circumstance makes clear, the strike out of steel of hot-rolling double photograph of the development that include steel performance is good, in the process each target is good, product punch percent of pass is achieved 100% , the function of dynamic bend fatigue of the lorry wheel spoke that makes with 11 millimeter thick DP540 and 4 millimeter thick DP590 among them reachs national level respectively 30 times with 8 times, far outclass car makes industry standard, order of user requirement lot. With Bao Gang Shuang Xianggang of 11 millimeter thick DP540 replaces Q235B board, can make lorry spoke is reduced 21.4% , exceed current international level far. The industrialization of metal strip of double photograph of the hot-rolling that include steel is produced, changed production to rise to urge action importantly to car wheel batch, for Bao Gang steely product marchs car mainstream market created a condition.

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