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Anhui Tian Wei closes change company development is successful 550 kilovolt tra
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Tian Wei is protected change (Hefei) transformer limited company (Tian Wei closes change) trial-produce succeeded recently transformer of first 550 kilovolt, fill the blank of transformer of tall voltage of the Anhui province, high capacity. Recombine transformer of Hefei gold ring from 2004 since the factory, tian Wei closes change in promotion transformer of 110 kilovolt, 220 kilovolt is produced can while, promote a product norms further. According to Tian Wei group, Tian Wei is protected change president is fourth strong introducing, tian Wei closes change to already adjusted the production value target 2010 by 1 billion yuan it is 2 billion yuan. The trial-produce of transformer of this 550 kilovolt is successful, make clear Tian Wei group the layout of strategy of north and south of one base already formed 3 garden division.

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